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Mobile Mountain Massage, Morzine

Fully qualified, professional massage therapists who come to you!

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Mobile Mountain Massage offers a wide range of massage treatments in and around Morzine, Les Gets and St Jean d'Aulps. 

All the company's professional massage therapists are fully qualified and insured. Rather than you going to them, they come to your accommodation, wherever you are staying. The therapists bring with them everything that is needed for your massage; a heated massage table, clean towels and oil. The only thing that you need to ensure is that you have enough space available for the table.

If you prefer not to have the massage in your own accommodation, they have a massage room available in the L'Aubegrade Hotel in the heart of Morzine from 09:00 - 20:00 daily.

Mobile Mountain Massage's therapists are British, so you'll have no problems communicating. However, if you want to practice your French skills or have French friends and family, they are also able to speak French.

Massages are available 7 days a week during the winter and summer seasons between 09:00 - 20:00. For treatments during inter-season, please enquire.

There is a whole range of treatments on offer, including the following:

Holistic Massage          
A calming and relaxing experience that can be used to eliminate tension, relieve tired muscles and increase circulation. It can also be enjoyed as a preventative treatment and to promote general well-being. 

Deep Tissue Massage
A deep, tension relieving massage focusing on working more deeply into the layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and sore contracted areas such as the shoulders or lower back. Also ideal for a more powerful all over body massage.

Hot Stones Full Body Massage
A deeply relaxing treatment both mentally and physically, the heated basalt stones allow your muscles to yield more quickly and fully, providing excellent pain relief, improved circulation and help the body eliminate toxins. By leaving the warm stones resting in key points along your body, this treatment will melt away mental stress and tension. 

Back Reviver
An intense back neck and shoulder massage, ideal for the physically active or desk based professionals. Helps ease tension, target specific problematic areas in the back, reduce stress and clear your mind.

Post Sports Massage
Used in conjunction with a Holistic Massage or Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage Techniques work more deeply into a specific area to help relieve pain that has built up from physical activity or even a physically demanding job. 

Ayurvedic Face, Head & Neck Massage
Focusing on Ayurvedic Marma points on the face, head and neck, this soothing, deeply relaxing massage will reduce tension, de-stress and encourage a feeling of emotional and physical well-being. It will also improve the appearance of the skin and has been described as a natural face lift. Magic! Available as a stand alone treatment or can be an add-on to another massage booking.
Add an 100% organic, hand blended aromatherapy oil, with a choice to suit your skin type for 5€

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage aims to relax, revive and address some of the physical discomforts relating to pregnancy as your body is changing, such as backache, swollen ankles, muscular tension and tiredness. This restorative and nurturing massage is suitable from the second trimester onwards. You will lie on the traditional massage table on your side with pillows for support or on your back with your head and shoulders supported by the end elevation of the table.
Add a delicious, hand blended, 100% organic and pregnancy safe aromatherapy oil for this treatment for 5€.

Mum-To-Be Pamper
A nourishing treatment which benefits both mother and baby, enhancing well-being, aiding relaxation and peaceful sleep. The treatment uses aromatherapy oils by Revive blended especially for expectant mothers. The 80 minute treatment is divided into a 40 minute back massage, 20 minute deeply relaxing face and neck treatment and a 20 minute foot and calf massage. (If you'd like to alter the timings for each section, please just ask your therapist).

Indian Head Massage                                                                                                                                                                                                                         An ancient, therapeutic treatment, massaging from the top of the head, down the face, neck, shoulders and to the mid back, working into acupressure points (Marma points) which, according to Indian Ayurvedic medicine, link to the rest of the body. The traditional, holistic style offers a mix of deep and gentle pressure and techniques, encouraging complete relaxation, reducing stress and tension in the neck and shoulders, balancing energy in the body, stimulating the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen in the body leaving a feeling of serene alertness.

Worth knowing

If you are resident of Morzine, you'll benefit from a 33% discount on a 1hr or more massage, and if you book 3.5hrs or more consecutively with the same therapist at one location you get a 10% discount.


Visitor comments

  • "Thanks for an AMAZING massage, my shoulders haven't felt this good for ages. Thoroughly recommended!" - Customer Feedback
  • "Had an amazing massage, feel very de-stressed now, thanks Nicole." - Customer Feedback
  • "A great mixture between strong sports and gentle relaxing style." - Customer Feedback
  • "Magic hands! Thank you." - Customer Feedback
  • "I feel like I'm floating." - Customer Feedback
  • "As somebody who gets a lot of massages I can quickly spot those who truly know what they're NICOLE!!! Thank you so much for my amazing massage!! My back is no longer like corrugated iron...thank you. Highly recommended & can't wait to re-book!" - Customer Feedback


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