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Volcom Spot to Spot, Avoriaz

A weekend of incredible freestyle snowboarding in Avoriaz

Teaming up with French resort Avoriaz, Volcom’s SPOT TO SPOT event, will unify multiple facets of snowboarding for a full weekend of riding galore, followed by a film premiere and a party!

Two days of riding through the resort, for PROs and amateurs with 4 challenges: Side Hits, Rail Jam, Speed run, Secret challenge (PRO ONLY). All free with a BBQ offered at lunchtime for all competitors, "after snow" and a big evening on Saturday with the screening of the snowboard film CREEDLE COSM at the Portes du Soleil cinema and a live concert by Double Cheese at the Place and a DJ Set by Tony Garagist!

It will be open to amateurs of all abilities, and with solid cash up for grabs for pros. Of course, in true Volcom style, there will be celebration until the wee hours.


Chapelle Park

Map of the surrounding area