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Holidaying in Morzine: A Children's Report Special

The kids tell us how it is to Holiday in the Portes du Soleil

featured in Activity reviews Author Alice Gregr, Morzine Reporter Updated

"The worst thing about holidaying in Morzine is having to leave"!

Morzine is a brilliant place for a family holiday, with heaps of things to do for adults and children. I spend a lot of time telling you about all of these things but I can't really speak for the kids. And let's face it if you want an honest opinion on something, they're the people to ask!

They tell you exactly what they think. They don't hold back. So, we thought that we'd have a break from reporting on Morzine and instead hand the job over to a group of children. Poppy (10), Louis (9), Amelie (9) and Dilys (4) are here to tell you what's good (and what's not) about Morzine....

I interviewed our new team of reporters over dinner on their last evening of holiday. They'd been staying in the Portes du Soleil for 2 weeks, so as you can imagine it took us a while to go back over everything we'd done. It's always fascinating to hear what they remember and what has left a lasting mark on their memory. If you're planning to bring your family to Morzine, this should help!

Poppy (10) - My favourite thing to do was visit the Adventure swimming pool in Avoriaz because the water slide is brilliant.

We visited the Aquariaz twice during their stay. It was popular with all ages and is a great thing to do in all weather. It's not free with a multi pass but you do get a discount. Well worth a trip, especially if you have a range of ages with you.

Crepes were the best thing I ate in France. The Sweet ones were best!!

Poppy quite happily polished off 2 huge crepes at the friendly fast food restaurant "O' Chalet" in Morzine. It was one of the easiest meals we had as a large group. There was lots of choice and the service was excellent.

Walking is tiring but looking at the mountains is alright!

I think what she means is the countryside is beautiful but the hikes and walks seemed to be the least popular activity of the holiday. We took a trip to Switzerland by four cable cars which seemed to be a much more popular way to see the mountains.

If I could change anything about Morzine - I'd get rid of the wasps

Fair enough I say. There's more of this in a moment!

Louis (9)

Louis loved everything about his holiday and it proved tough to get a favourite out of him! Which actually is of course a very good thing. But we finally got there....

I love the High ropes by the Dereche in Morzine because they were challenging but fun- I loved riding the chairlifts too.

The children spent a morning at the high ropes in Morzine and absolutely loved it. There are different level courses available so the younger ones were also able to have a go. It's not a cheap activity however once you've paid the entrance fee, they can go on as many times as they like. So actually quite good value for a day out!

I loved snails! You've just got to try them! And also the tartiflette was lovely!

We ordered a home delivery of the Savoyard speciality of Tartiflette and it went down a storm with the whole family. It can be found in most restaurants in Morzine if you want to give it a go... It's basically baked cheese, potatoes and lardons (bacon).

The worst thing about the holiday for Louis was the fact he had to go home and stop doing things! Can't be bad!

Amelie (9) - The best thing to do in Morzine is the Luge because you can go really fast!!

We must have visited the Luge 4 times during the two weeks that the family were visiting. It's fun for all ages, adults and children alike. It's costly if you pay per ride but there are various savings available. You can buy tickets in bulk or unlimited rides are available on some mornings.

My least favourite thing about my holiday in Morzine was the wasps!

The insects can be quite troublesome depending on the time of year you come. Be warned that in the first heat wave of the year you're likely to have to battle horse flies but as long as you wear repellent you'll be fine!

If I could change anything about Morzine I’d change the weather! The weather is crazy!!! It’s very varied! Hot and cold!

She's not wrong. We had thunder and rain but also hot sunny days with temperatures of 30 degrees. Well worth packing a range of clothes - You are in the mountains after all!

Now onto the 4 year old... It was slightly more tricky to get straight answers out of her!

Dilys (4) - I loved going on the Luge with mummy and looking for fairies at the gorge.

We spent an afternoon at the Gorge du Pont Diable which is about 20 minutes down the road from Morzine. It's steeped in legend and fun for the whole family. Dilys loved walking around the magical landscape, down steep stairs and rocky paths. She looked for fairies the whole time!

I don’t like the scary insects and the rain but loved the ice cream!

Pretty simple really!

At the end of the mini, over dinner interview, I asked all of the children if they'd come back on holiday to Morzine. They were all certain that they would and are keen to try a winter holiday to give skiing a go! So over all, despite changeable weather, the kids had a great time. We explored the whole area, tried most of the things available to children and had a great time, successfully proving that the Portes du Soleil is a great place for your family holiday.


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