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Best Pistes in Morzine

Discover the best of the Morzine pistes


The ski area is so vast it can be difficult to know where to start, so we have put together some of our favourite runs throughout the Morzine ski area.

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Whether you're into moguls, steep and long descents or simply beautiful, quiet pistes with great snow, we hope that these suggestions will hit the spot.

Best Pistes on Le Pleney

About Beginner Ski Areas in Morzine

The Pleney is one of the first destinations for skiers visiting Morzine. All buses in Morzine lead to the Pleney Bubble and it is the access point for skiing in Morzine and neighbouring Les Gets.

One of the best things about Le Pleney is the variety of runs you can access from the very first lift. The bubble runs from the foot of the slope and arrives at the beginning of one green, five blue, four red and one black piste. Perfect for mixed ability groups.

Although the Beginners Zone here is perfect for first timers, the best runs here are probably the intermediate ones. Pistes B, C and D merge and separate as they make their way from the top of the lift back to the bottom. As such you can almost class them as one run and the beauty of these pistes is that no matter which one you take you will end up in the same place. A real blessing on bad weather days or early on in your holiday when everyone is just learning the area. The runs are wide and lined with trees and although they have some steeper sections they are big enough that even more nervous skiers will be able to find their way down.

For more advanced skiers the reds that lead off from the Pleney have a similar if steeper story. Pistes A, H and V start in a similar place and then split up before arriving again at the foot of the Pleney. The top section of Piste A is pretty steep but it doe offer a great view of Morzine and the valley that leads to the cliffs below Avoriaz. Be careful when you set off not to head too far to skiers right as you will end up on Piste R, there is nothing wrong with this run but it does not lead directly back to Le Pleney Bubble unlike its three neighbors.

All these reds have steep sections and the lower section of Le Pleney, where the runs converge, is the site for slalom competitions.

Best Pistes in Nyon

a ski lift near Morzine

Nyon is a great area for off piste skiing and links to some brilliant runs and it is always quiet but it doesn't have a lot of pisted options. The main run here is the Aigle Rouge it is a long red piste from the very tip of the Point de Nyon down to the bottom of the Nyon Cable Car.

The top section of the run is a narrow track that switchbacks down the peak of the Pointe de Nyon and then opens out into a gentler wider piste before a lower section that is steeper again. You can take the Pointe Chairlift back to the top or ride all the way down to the car park.

Most of the other runs link into the Chamossiere and Charniaz which is more than enough reason to visit but don't pass through without tackling the Aigle Rouge.

Best Pistes in Chamossiere & Charniaz

Morzine Skiers Piste Chamossiere

The Chamossiere and Charniaz sectors are formed by the twin peaks of Chamossiere and Ranfoilly. Chamossiere has been an off-piste favourite for years. With the new high-speed lift it is easier than ever to get to the top. There are only two pistes here and they are pretty steep and challenging perfect for more advanced skiers but intermediates and certainly beginners should avoid this area.

The best pistes in this area come down from Le Ranfoilly. Gemtiane turns into Choucas and is a great blue piste that follows the summer road until it turns into the wide open run though the trees. The Choucas piste starts and stops at the top and bottom of the Charniaz Chairlift so you can lap this run over and over.

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